Krista Gill

Sustainability & Commissioning Manager

Krista Gill profile

Krista is an infectious optimist… and an invaluable resource to her colleagues across Canada.

Krista is a goldmine of information for the whole team. In the 12 years she’s been with us, she has accumulated a great deal of experience on best practices that bring our projects to fruition. No wonder when a co-worker asks a question… they often answer, "Ask Krista!”

Krista is responsible for sustainability and commissioning and works out of our Halifax office. From her position in the Atlantic region, she supports several teams at the same time, which leads her to develop relationships with a multitude of partners from one end of the country to the other.

The key to her success? Her ability to learn from each experience, to innovate and then guide teams on how to properly do things in order to strive for excellence on our projects.

Her days are busy, and that’s the way she likes it.  She adapts. Krista is by the way supported by a large network of proactive professionals who are always there to help and share her passion to build and improve the way things are done.

Her colleagues nominated Krista for the Pomerleau “Love” value award in 2019. Her love of people, her unfailing positive attitude and her constant quest for unique solutions have not gone unnoticed by her peers.


“I love to learn, to share my knowledge and to grow in an industry full of challenges. It’s so satisfying to walk around the city and see the projects we have completed which are making a real difference in the community!"