Eddie Baek

Senior estimator

eddie baek profile

Eddie is passionate about a job well done and the people-to-people connections that enable him to constantly learn.

Eddie is a friendly colleague, who enjoys connecting with others and learning from them. He immigrated from South Korea ten years ago and has brought to Pomerleau a wealth of knowledge that has made him a teammate that we could not do without.

Contact with his colleagues and his boss is of utmost importance. Being around them allows him to grow the most as a professional.

Plans and specifications hold no secrets for Eddie. Thanks to his unparalleled analytical mind, he is an essential link in the realization of projects, keeping a watchful eye on the quantity and prices of materials necessary for their completion.

Contributing to a great variety of projects requires him to be versatile and keeps him busy!

After two years with us, Eddie is like a fish in water. He was recently promoted to senior estimator, a promotion he is proud of. His colleagues have given him the friendly nickname “Eddie the Machine!” His efficiency and his passion for a job well done are certainly the reasons behind his professional advancement.


“The people I work with at Pomerleau are really good. Being part of this team provides an environment where I can grow every day and cultivate the excellence that is close to our hearts! It really is a great place to start your career."