Pomerleau Capital, Investing for the Communities of Tomorrow

Pomerleau Capital’s infrastructure and investment fund offers tailored solutions to both public and private clients by financing, investing, building, operating, and managing assets. To date, we have raised financing for over $2B worth of projects.


Generating Long-Term Value through Real Assets

Pomerleau Capital develops and invests in projects of societal significance such as schools, hospitals, long-term care facilities, civil and transportation infrastructure, as well as government buildings. Through our investment fund, we also seek to have a positive and lasting impact on communities by bringing sustainable and renewable power sources to the next generation of Canadians.

We support the procurement and implementation of projects by providing financial advisory and asset management services. These include establishing the financial structure, organizing debt financing with various institutions, and managing project finances.

Count on our team of specialists to deliver on our commitments

Above all, Pomerleau Capital is a team of versatile professionals with significant experience focused on adapting investor objectives to client needs.