Innovation: a valuable asset to manage complexity 

Several years ago, Pomerleau embarked on a shift to position itself as a technological transformation leader within the Canadian construction industry. We put together a team whose mission was to take an innovative look at all our projects and the ecosystem in which we operate.

At Pomerleau, we are convinced that innovation is crucial, even essential, to managing the ever-increasing complexity of the world in which we operate.

We thus increasingly integrate the most recent technologies into our practices. These range from the use of virtual and augmented reality, to artificial intelligence, GIS (Geographic Information Systems) technology, robotics, the Internet of Things, drones, and 3D modeling. We are also developing new tools and programs based on the specific needs and challenges of our clients. Our goal: to facilitate the work of our teams and to ensure that deadlines and budgets are met, regardless of the size of the project.

I have been fortunate to have been part of Pomerleau for more than twenty years and to have witnessed the development of this unique culture of innovation first-hand.

I am inspired almost daily to participate in leveraging the full potential of new technologies to service the cities of tomorrow and the communities that live there. We achieve this by collaborating with other industry players, with whom we continue to develop solid partnerships. Together we are doing things that just a few years ago might have seemed impossible.

The reason I am telling you this is that, recently, Pomerleau was recognized for its excellence in innovation due to the development of its very own equipment delivery simulation tool.

Pomerleau developed this tool to simulate the movement of equipment on worksites in a 3D model. We developed this new technology, which facilitates the ability to identify the best options quickly and easily, because existing solutions only partially met our needs.

This new tool enables the project team to virtually test multiple delivery scenarios to determine the best option based on the stage that construction is at, while ensuring that the planned route is passable and poses no obstacles. By modeling, monitoring, evaluating, and improving in real time, we dramatically reduce the time associated with traditional simulation iterations.

This simulation tool is the perfect example of a technological innovation that will have a beneficial impact on all our projects.

This recognition makes us proud because it underscores our passion for innovation and the significant investments made by Pomerleau in this sector in recent years.

I would like to congratulate my entire team and my colleagues for the tireless efforts, which testify to our collective commitment to excellence.


Eric Lessard
Vice-President - Technology and Innovation