Recognizing the next generation to better rethink the future

Every year we celebrate the dedication and excellence of our interns to support the next generation in rethinking the future!

Faced with the current revolution in the construction industry, Pomerleau relies on its strong culture of innovation to mobilize its teams and support them in exploring new ideas and new avenues that contribute to transforming the way our industry works and thinks. Furthermore, Pomerleau welcomes hundreds of students into its ranks every year to train the next generation and better rethink the future of construction together.

We have the chance to observe the potential of this new generation and witness their success daily. For five years now, we have been celebrating their achievements during our annual Excellence Gala, an award ceremony recognizing tomorrow’s professionals. This year, on February 25, we recognized the talent, dedication, and achievements of the best interns who have worked at Pomerleau over the past year. 

Among the 206 students who did an internship at Pomerleau in 2020, many have distinguished themselves in the eyes of their managers and were identified as great ambassadors of our excellence value, despite the current context. Nine of them have particularly stood out. Here they are:

  • Jose Mari Melo, from our Canada Building Operations team in Toronto
  • Raphaël Tremblay, in the Quebec Building Operations team in Quebec City
  • Matthieu Barnier, with the Civil & Infrastructure team in Ottawa
  • Maggie Dumont-Grant, in the Civil & Infrastructure team in Quebec City
  • Philippe Landreville, in the Civil & Infrastructure team in Montréal
  • Xiaoying Qin, with the Civil & Infrastructure team in Vancouver
  • Samuel Mantas, in the Quebec Building Operations team in Montreal
  • Francis Ross with the Canada Building Operations team in Ottawa
  • Kevin Doré, with the Quebec Building Operations team in Montreal

To support them in their professional development, we are pleased to present them with the Pomerleau Excellence scholarship. These bursaries and gala celebration are proof of our commitment to training and caring for the next generation of construction professionals. At Pomerleau, we believe that the talent of our employees will shape our story and that it is by supporting the development of our interns that we will be able to continue to be a leader in construction in Canada. Congratulations to all the winners!